Top 10 Bruce Lee Moments. Bruce Lee Actor

When it comes to heart-stopping fights and death defying stunts, no one can possibly match the feats accomplished by Bruce Lee. The man was as charismatic onscreen as he was off of it, and this why we bring you our top 10 countdown of best onscreen Bruce Lee fights that will blow your mind. Keep on reading to know more.

Top 10 Bruce Lee moments

10. Ice Factory (The Big Boss):

This scene shows Lee’s character being dangerously outnumbered by gang members in an Ice factory. And what does Bruce Lee do? He goes on to single-handedly turn the tides against them by using their weapons to counterattack. The ambush quickly turns into a beat fest as Lee throws kicks and punches at anyone and everyone who dares to come his way. And one of the attackers even gets punched through a wall by Lee. Talk about bad luck. Of all the places to pick a fight, did they really have to choose an ice pick factory, Serious-Lee?

9. Nunchuck fight (Way of the Dragon):

This scene takes place in Rome, where Lee has been sent to fight the local mafia by his family. When the gangsters take Lee to a back alley to teach him a lesson, he quickly moves on to the offensive and shows who’s the Boss! He pulls out a pair of nunchucks from thin air and goes on to beat every gangster to a pulp. For some reason, however, the mafia boss orders his henchmen to fight Lee but without using a gun. We can’t help but feel that this might have helped Bruce makes a quick job out of the amateur gangsters.

8. Upgrades (Enter the Dragon):

Lee finds himself outnumbered at the villain’s top secret lair and once again decides to teach the henchmen a lesson they would never forget. This fight is called “upgrades” because with every wave of attackers, Lee upgrades as weapons to counter them. Starting off with a bo stick, Lee makes a quick work of his attackers. He then upgrades to kali sticks and then finally, his trademark weapon – the nunchucks. This is one of those “don’t mess with me” scenes that could have gotten a lot more intense.

7. The Giant (Game of Death):

In this epic encounter, the 5’6” Bruce Lee takes on the 7’2” Giant in a fight to be remembered forever. The role of the giant fighter was played by basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, wearing shades while Bruce Lee was donning the famous yellow suit. After making a rocky start, Lee starts to take the fight seriously and then eventually uses his opponent’s size against him and leaves him breathless. This scene is one of those that you would enjoy this as many times as you watch.

6. Vengeance (Enter the Dragon):

When is the one time that you should not get into a fight with Bruce Lee? Well, it has to be the time when things could get personal. And this fight is as personal as it gets because Lee takes on the man who caused his sister to commit suicide. O’ Hara (Lee’s opponent) fails to even put a scratch on Bruce Lee in the kung fu tournament and gets beaten to a pulp. Lee finishes the fight by going straight for his opponent’s brain when he decides to break the rules.

5. Fighting Petrov (Fists of Fury):

This cinema follows Lee and his journey to take revenge on those who killed his master. This quest inevitably leads him to face Petrov, a suspender wearing Russian, whose element of scare goes beyond his sense of fashion. This scene is famous for the punishing fighting moves and dry humor. Apart from beating his opponent to a pulp, Lee occasionally throws an insult or a smirk to add salt to his victim’s wounds. Trivia: the person who played the role of Petrov was one of Lee’s own Jeet Kune Do students.

4. No respect (Fists of Fury):

This monumental scene was the one responsible for transferring Hong Kong’s swordplay action scenes to fistfights. Lee shows up on the doorstep of his rival’s school after they had mocked his master. And when Bruce Lee shows up on your doorstep, you can be guaranteed a serious ass kicking! He once again single-handedly takes on the entire group bare fisted and then uses nunchucks to put them out for good. He leaves the scene by making the attackers “eat their words” by stuffing paper down their throats.

3. Finish him (The Big Boss):

Bruce Lee once again returns to take revenge against the man who killed his family and in a huge way! After being forced to break his promise of nonviolence, Lee musters up every bit of energy he’s got to put his opponent down on the ground. But ultimately wins after deflecting a knife attack and thrusting his bare arms into his opponent’s chest. “Revenge is a dish best served cold,” Bruce Lee makes no mistake in proving this point.

2. Hall of Mirrors (Enter the Dragon):

Perhaps the most iconic fight in Bruce Lee’s movie career, this encounter shows the actor facing off against the clawed Mr. Han in the final battle. The fight turns surreal when Lee is led into a room full of mirrors and left to figure out which path to take to find his real enemy. Here, Lee is forced to defy superstition, and he does it with the charisma he always had inside. Lee eventually breaks almost all the mirrors and beats his archenemy by impaling him to broken glass.

1. Fighting Chuck Norris (Way of the Dragon):

in the ultimate East versus West Martial Art encounter, Bruce Lee takes on the most powerful rival yet played by Chuck Norris. This fight is as dirty, and it gets because both fighters pull off cheap tricks to intimidate and insult one another with the aim to cause a mental breakdown. But as you’d expect, Lee comes out on top as you systematically breaks his opponent into two under the watchful eyes of a cat that strayed into the Roman Colosseum. Epic encounters do not get more epic than this and you have only Bruce Lee to thank for this memorable fight to the death scene.