Amazing Story of Bruce Lee. 8 Lessons You Can Learn from the Great Kung Fu Master 


How Bruce Lee Died: Cerebral edema

Bruce Lee Height: 5ft 7.5in (171 cm).

Bruce Lee Age: 32 (at the time of death)

Bruce Lee Weight: Nearly 135 to 140 lbs (61 to 63 kg) in his prime

Bruce Lee Shoe Size: 7 to 7.5 US (39 to 40 EU)

Bruce Lee Movies: Marlowe; The Big Boss; Fist of Fury; Way of the Dragon; Enter the Dragon; The Real Bruce Lee; Bruce Lee, My Brother

Bruce Lee Television: The Green Hornet; Batman; Ironside; Blondie; Here Come the Brides; Enjoy Yourself Tonight; Longstreet; The Pierre Berton Show

There was more to Bruce Lee than just Kung Fu. This great legend actually refined the martial arts at that time and helped establish the image of Asian celebrities in the global movie scene. His heritage later became a personal betterment, an inspiration, an expression, a creation and doctrine that has transcended martial arts.

Bruce Lee honed his craft so perfectly that filmmakers would often ask him to slow his moves down for the camera. He also left us with tons of memorable quotes that will live long after we are gone. These include his famed quote:

“Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be like water my friend”

If you are a martial artist – or you aspire to be one – then you certainly know that Lee was one of the few people you ought to model. The level to which he was able to develop both his mind and body was incredible.”

Still, most people often overlook how much Bruce was able to accomplish in the course of his short life. Apart from constantly battling racial stereotypes while developing his career, he was also able to achieve most of what he set out to do.


Consider the following prime life lessons from Bruce Lee:

1. Limits

Bruce Lee postulated that those who put limits on everything they do – physical or not – were bound to fail. These limits, he said, tend to spread into our lives and work. To him, there were no limits, only plateaus. As such, he advised against staying in these plateaus and encouraged others to go beyond them.

Ever since he was a child, Bruce always had the instinctive urge for growth and expansion. To him, the duty and function of a quality human being was the honest and sincere development and growth of one’s potential.

From these quotes, you will learn that it is only possible up to the limits that you have placed on yourself, as well as those you have allowed other people to place on you. To reach you true potential, therefore, you should fight these limits, forget them, and realize that you can be anything and anyone you aspire to be. It is within you – if you can eradicate your limits.

2. Image

Bruce Lee never tried to live up to anyone’s expectations. He advised that no one should attempt to please others. This was in keeping with “as one thinks, so they become”.

In your life journey, always strive to define yourself. No one else has that ability – and it is one of the few things that life has gifted everyone. Therefore, when you decide to create the most incredible of self-images for yourself, it will be easier for you to grow naturally into your own unique expectations.

3. Learning

To Bruce Lee, learning never stops. He advised people to use only that which would work for them and to take it up from any place they can find it. This is one of the reasons he said that wise men end up learning more from foolish questions than fools learn from wise answers.

Instead of focusing on who is wrong or right or who is better, just learn. You should also be open to all the lessons going on around you. This is irrespective of where they emanate from. Remember, everything in life can be a lesson, so long as you are open to receiving it.

4. Action

However, even as you learn, know that knowledge is not enough – you also need to apply that knowledge. Be willing to do everything that is required of you. Most people fail because they spend too much time conceptualizing instead of turning ideas into action. Don’t be like them.

5. Focus

There are various of paths one can follow to achieve success. However, it is impossible to find such success if you keep changing the paths that you are taking. This is why Bruce Lee said that he did not fear people who had practiced thousands of kicks at once. Rather, he was afraid of those who had practiced a single kick thousands of times.

6. Time

Bruce said that those who love life never waste time – for it is the currency that life is made of. Everyone has 24 hours every day. The difference comes with what we decide to do with these hours.

7. Adaptability and Flexibility

As mentioned above, Bruce Lee advised people to follow how water flows through cracks. Instead of being assertive, water adjusts to the rocks and is able to find its way through or around it.

In the same way, when nothing inside of you is rigid, your outward world will disclose itself to you. Therefore, you should empty your mind and be formless and shapeless like water.

As Bruce stipulated, tension can only be created when the results you receive do not meet your perception or expectations of how the world ought to be. In the same way, your adaptability and flexibility will go a long way in solving the problems you experience in daily life.

8. Simplification

To Bruce, life wasn’t about the daily increase. It was about the daily decrease. He advised that one ought to hack away at anything that isn’t essential. Additionally, he asked that people adapt what is useful while rejecting the useless and adding what was specific to every individual.

By clearing your mind and life of the unessential, amazing things will start happening to you. The best way to achieve this level of simplicity is by being ruthless and asking whether what you are evaluating serves your greater life purpose.

Next Steps

These motivational life lessons from Bruce Lee will go a long way in making your life a lot better than it is. They will also ensure that you achieve your goals as fast and as fluid as Bruce executed his martial art moves. Apply them in your life today and watch as they start creating a real impact in your thought processes, actions, and achievements.